Cross Country

XC vs. Stonybrook, Fortune Academy, Monrovia

By Dawna Webster | Sep 29, 2023 2:23 PM

The cross country team put up some good times and places in their race with Stonybrook, Fortune Academy and Monrovia and several runners had PRs as well. The girls team finished in 1st place. Here were our top 5 finishers: Girls: 1. Abigail Webster 1st 12:24 2. Jayda Cranfill 2nd 13:11 (PR) 3. Mackenzie Fedeler 3rd 13:27 (PR) 4. Whitney Campbell 11th 15:47 5. Sydney Bell 12th 15:52 (PR) Boys: 1. Aiden Ahlgrim 4th 12:40 2. DSean Ban 5th 12:46 (PR) 3. Brenden Palma 10th 13:42 (PR) 4. Kael Williams 11th 14:20 (PR) 5. Elijah Cranfill 17th 15:05 (PR)

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